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Who We Are

Portal, inc was founded by a small group of parents and concerned citizens on March 10 1965. Their mission was to create a special place where young adults with disabilities could learn the life and work skills they needed for greater independence.

They created that place in the basement of an old schoolhouse in Knellsville.

50 years and hundreds of participants later, the building has changed, but the name Portal is more relevant than ever. While originally focused on vocational training on-site, today it’s a “portal to the community” with the majority of our efforts happening beyond the walls of our building. Our goal is to connect participants to their broader community through employment, social and life skills learning, recreation and service.

- Employment Services & Supports
We find good jobs paying competitive wages for our participants who want to work. We match each individual’s skills, gifts and interests with the needs of more than 100 community employers in Ozaukee County and surrounding areas. On average, 113 of our participants hold jobs in the community, at restaurants, retail stores, hospitals, hotels, high schools and colleges, and even a local police department.

- Community & Adult Day Services
We believe that meaningful days make meaningful lives, even for people who require a higher level of care and/or support. So we assist adults develop personal and life skills through a variety of daily activities, community experiences, social opportunities and exercise.

- Community Recreation & Social Experiences
We offer a monthly calendar of evening and weekend activities for our participants. This allows them to pursue current interests and explore new ones with their friends, while developing their skills in social interaction, money management and personal decision making.

Please note that all volunteers active with direct participant interaction must complete a successful criminal background and caregiver background check, as outlined by Wisconsin State Statute.

What We Do

Mission: The mission of Portal, inc. is to enhance opportunities for people with disabilities to participate fully in their community as valued neighbors, productive workers, and respected citizens.


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